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Men’s Health

We understand the importance of men’s health and well-being. Our dedicated team of experts is here to provide you with reliable information, expert advice, and valuable resources to help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Whether you have questions about fitness, nutrition, mental health, or specific men’s health issues, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for right here.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem many men face – especially as they get older. Fortunately, you can improve your sexual performance without the use of medication or surgery. Our revolutionary treatments are noninvasive, painless, and drug-free.

Low intensity sound wave therapy is an option that has been shown to actually reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED). Click here for research link

The blood vessels needed for erectile function often become clogged or even begin to collapse over time, & most men require assistance to achieve and sustain erections. Sound wave therapy offers you a long-lasting solution to this very common problem. can be performed in the convenience and privacy of our office.

Best of all, this safe and effective treatment is available for men of any age.

Traditional treatments just don’t work anymore

  • Medications: Intended to increase blood flow to the penis, however carrying terrible side effects, and often don’t work anyway.

  • Surgical pumps: Prosthetics that are implanted into the penis and scrotum. Often carrying risks like erosion, infection, scar tissue, and mechanical failure.

  • Nothing: Typically the next best advice you are given outside of surgery and medications.

Hormone & Peptide Therapy

Typically hormone production decreases after men reach their 30s. Unfortunately, this also means that your testosterone levels will eventually start to decline as you continue to age. When this occurs, it is almost inevitable that men will experience sudden physical changes such as low levels of energy and muscle loss. However, things can get much worse. Other factors, such as certain illnesses, trauma, and unhealthy lifestyle habits, can force your testosterone levels to drop below the necessary parameters needed for the body to function properly.

Peptide therapy helps boost human growth hormone production, reduce pain & inflammation, and direct cells to perform specific functions depending on the type of peptide used. There are several types of peptides used in peptide therapy, and our team can customize the best plan for you.

Common symptoms of imbalanced hormones may include:

  • Reduced muscle mass & strength 

  • Decreased bone density & joint pain 

  • Impaired cognitive function & behavioral changes

  • Low sex drive & decreased performance

  • Fatigue & decreased energy

  • Lack of sleep 

We specialize in male hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men struggling with hormone imbalances. Through HRT, our staff combines personalized hormone treatments with wellness counseling to create comprehensive testosterone replacement therapy that helps replenish your diminished hormone levels and optimizes the biological processes responsible for your body’s physical function.

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